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  • The Tavares Family Super Show Rules and Regulations

    APPROVAL: ALL VENDORS are subject to approval by THE TAVARES FAMILY SUPER SHOW staff and must pass final inspection at the door, which shall be determined in their sold and absolute discretion.

    Pre-Registration must complete an application and pay vendor fees prior to deadline date. THE TAVARES FAMILY SUPER SHOW reserves the right to refuse any vendor not deemed appropriate by it in its sole and absolute discretion. IN/OUT PRIVILEGES ONLY WITH WRISTBAND.

    LIABILITY: By signing this application, the exhibitor/vendor agrees to make no claim(s) for any reason, including negligence, against the sponsor and its agents, or the leisure, or owners of the exhibit premises for for loss, theft, damage or destruction of property; nor for injury to himself/herself or employees while in the exhibit quarters. Each vendor can purchase his/her own insurance if so desired. Applications must be submitted with check, cash or money orders for the full amount due and made payable to The Tavares Family Car Club. Application and fees must be received no later than 10 days prior to event. Locations and choice of vendor items are on a first com, first serve basis. Your booth and area are to be left in the same clean condition as when you moved in prior to the event. Shows are subject to change. All money is refundable if the show is cancelled without a rescheduling date. Health Permits and/or Resellers License is required at time of registration. The Tavares Family Car Club would like to than you for your interest in working with us and for your support of this year's Lowrider Sanctioned, Tavares Family Super Show 2020.

    PHOTOGRAPHY/VIDEO RELEASE: THE TAVARES FAMILY SUPER SHOW, LOWRIDER MAGAZINE, SALINAS MUNICIPAL AIRPORT, reserve the right to photograph, video tape, film and/or reproduce in any medium, the event, any entrant, person and/or vehicle for any future use, at no compensation to entrant, the Indemnifying Party or any other third party, person or entity as THE TAVARES FAMILY SUPER SHOW, SALINAS MUNICIPAL AIRPORT, LOWRIDER MAGAZINE and entrant, for and on behalf of himself/herself & the Indemnifying Party, upon executing this application, waives and surrenders any and all Claims against the Indemnified Party in connection therewith.

    SAFETY: All fire regulations must be followed to the letter, or be subject to disqualification and banned from future events. Entrant acknowledges that he/she has received, reviewed and agrees to any & all rules, regulations, requirements, terms, warranties, covenants, representations & conditions contained in this application & in the 2018-19 Official Rules which is incorporated herein by reference.

    Official Rules available on-line at

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    No Refunds: The Tavares Family Super Show will not refund any fees to any vendor, its employees or vendor affiliates in the event that a vendor does not show up to the Tavares Family Super show.
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